Celestial Christmas [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Savior, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. Gratz on release bro !!
    Does it support all parts of the event ?
    Cooking and Agility ?
  2. Only cooking yet, though I decided to release it already because why not :)
    I will add the other activitites during the rest of the week, shouldnt take too long.
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  3. ho ho ho
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Awesome, will definitely try out on my new account. ;)
  6. Ye its worth it on new accounts, i got 65 cooking just from testing
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  7. Just started it on my suïcide bot, lved a few already :).
  8. Celestial Christmas. 10/10 name.
  9. No OSRS support rip
  10. Is the osrs event the same?
  11. Haha no, I was just kidding.

    The OSRS event shouldn't be too hard, though:

    1. Talk to Santa in Falador.
    2. Talk to Anti-Santa in Varrock
    3. Take vial.
    4. Take 4 presents.
    5. Bring presents to 4 kids in Varrock, use vial on them afterwards.
    6. Talk to Anti-Santa.
    7. Use vial on machine.
    8. Talk to Anti-Santa again.
    9. Talk to Santa in Falador.
    10. Watch cutscene
    11. Talk again.

  12. Is that repeatable? The rs3 bot simply presses 4 buttons after you completed the first part.

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  13. Will there be plans to add the agility portion of the event. I think that is pretty hard to make, for beginner like me.
  14. I will do that now
  15. the osrs one makes so so much money!!
  16. I really love your bot. Got me to 70 cooking already <3 could you fix your fishing bot? Its always stuck at stiles ( using karamja ).

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  17. You're welcome :)
    Yes, I have no lectures for now so I can start fixing all those bugs which came up since the beta release.
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  18. uploadfromtaptalk1450618212626.JPG
    20 hr proggy. LOVE IT

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  19. Awesome!

    The agility and defence activities are added aswell since friday, but cloud apparently didnt have time yet to approve the update
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