Celestial Corrupted Smelter 1.0.0

Smelts ore, like a smelter!

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  2. Lol, you can't smelt corrupted ores into bars. They end up as nothing when you put them into the furnace:p

    Anyways, grats on release! Ever considered a hybrid bot which mines corrupted ores and then smelts them afterwards?
  3. I suggested a bot that mines Seren stone when the Voice Of Seren isn't active in the Trahearn area and smelt these mined ores when it is. @Defeat3d is always welcome to borrow my account again should he ever plan on making that. Althrough I would have little use for it as I am 99 in Mining and soon Smithing already.
  4. You sometimes get some Swamp Tar from smelting them though :p
  5. #Gainz

    @Defeat3d the paint isn't draggable. Not that it matters much but it's kinda hard to read at the default spot. I'll post a nice proggy when I finished all these ores.
  6. [​IMG]

    Works lovely <3
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  7. Oh, lol. No I've never thought of that, and I don't think I'll consider it before I got a lot of my other projects done. I simply did this for Mr. Cabbage real quick because I knew it would take me like 10 minutes.
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  8. [​IMG]
    I love you @Defeat3d <3 Solid bot. very stable.
  9. It works fine but why does it keep clicking furnace and smelt? looks kinda bot like, would be better to wait for all 60 smelts and click again.
  10. I can't read, comment invalid.

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