Celestial Divination 3.1.0

The Divination bot you are looking for.

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    Celestial Divination - The Divination bot you are looking for.

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  2. No problem, glad you like it! :)
  3. Thanks!
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  4. Is this the real Defeat3d?
    Also, this looks like an insane script bot! Will be testing this out! :)
  5. No more Junkie series? Congrats on the release :)
  6. I switched to defScripts before I stopped at pb (defLRC, defAlcher, some others). I just find defScripts sounds better. :p

    Good memories though.
  7. Flawless so far... Also, the proggies in the first post, were those done during dxp weekend? :p
  8. Yeah they were, Divination is a lot slower.
  9. Yes. I started writing the script bot during DXP weekend, so they were all done during it.
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  11. This is probably the best script bot available for this bot at this moment in time. Kudos, and thank you for the solid script bot.
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  12. That's a big compliment, thanks. :)
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  13. When I click 'Start', nothing happens and the GUI just stays there :p it was working before at the same location so it might be something client-sided?
  14. Checked my code, it should be fine. Are you starting near the Energy Rift?

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