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  1. Celestial Fisher Lite

    This is a lite version of Celestial Fisher so that you can evaluate it and see if it suits your needs.

    This version has several restrictions that the original doesn't:
    • A time limit of 3 hours per day
    • You can't use familiars
    • You can't use urns better than cracked
    • No LRC or Piscatoris
    • No shark or barbarian fishing
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  2. why does it drop swordfishes and keep only tuna
  3. It drops the swordfishes when choosing to bank them. Nice one m8
    Also it cant even bank successfully. (Fishing guild & Catherby)
  4. Doesn't bank at Lumbridge, just gets stuck and ends up logging out due to inactivity.
  5. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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