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    Hai guys. So after all my bots were chain banned I took a break from botting and RS in general for about a month or so. I came back and made a new RS account recently, botted the tutorial island and was banned instantly after finishing it. I know it's recommended to do the island manually, but I just couldn't be bothered at the time. Could this be because my IP is flagged? (I've never had my main or any mules banned and don't use a proxy.) Or is it because I botted the tutorial?

    This also brings my to my next question, and the main topic of the thread. I added some money to my account and thought I'd try celestial fisher on my main. (I chose this because my main already had 82 fishing at the time, complimentary of LiquidBot)

    So what is the likelihood of me being banned? I know at some point I'm sure I will unless I'm extremely lucky, I would just like to make some stacks out of it before that happens. So far I've been botting very minimally, and taking breaks to fletch. The account is at least a year old (cba to run to Hans at the moment) and has membership, and as I said I was able to get 80 fishing on the account on the previous client I used without a problem.

    What are some more precautions I can take to lower the risk? Is Celestial fisher a good script bot when it comes to antiban? Does playing on another account legit whilst botting increase my chances of being banned?

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