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  2. Will test the Barbarian fishing @Baxtorian falls tonight :)
  3. Hey Shinji, first time user here. First off, porps for making a script bot and doubly so for making it free

    I'm currently running it at karmaja for lobsters (on f2p) and I'm running into a spot of trouble. When the inventory is full, the script bot continues to click on the dock - not at a fishing spot mind you but just on the dock, repeatadly. The click itself is happening on the mini map if that matters.

    If I correct it by using the mouse override and clicking towards the correct direction (towards Stiles) it will continue to run back to the dock. If I start the script bot from Stiles, rather than on the dock, it runs to the wrong dock (inbetween the fishing spots and Stiles)

    20 minutes in, I've gotten a few inventories but they all required me to actually go note.

    One person asked me if I was botting, not sure how relevant that is to you but I found it interesting.
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  4. Okay thanks for the report! :)
  5. I had issues with Karamja fishing too with my own script bot and ended up getting banned before I could check what was up :(
  6. It's the web thats broken i guess... I added a custom web but the bot doesnt load it yet, with my next update i will add it :)
  7. Thanks for the quick response Shinji. Im pumped for the update!
  8. Seems to work very well @Baxtorian falls :)
  9. The updateis pushed btw :)

    im glad to hear !
  10. Hey Shinji,

    I'm almost hesitant to report it but im still finding problems with Karmaja/Lobs - bank mode on f2p, legacy and EoC.

    Same problem as I described above (doesn't go to Stiles when invent is full and returning to wrong deck if started from Stiles) with a small ammendment: If the script bot is started now at Stiles it will go to a spot between the non fishing dock and the volcano, where a "man" NPC wanders around, right by the water edge.

    I'll give you a play by play so I can capture as much as detail.

    script bot starts on the dock > camera turns > finds a "cage" spot > fishes perfectly, camra movemnt and spot switch and all until invent is full > click on the dock (on the minimap) repeatedly.

    At this point, I correct it with the mouse override. I click away from the dock, into the south east, towards the fence. Once I get near the fence, the script bot takes over and goes to Stiles. On it's way back from Stiles however, it will take the charectar to a spot inebtween the dock with boats and the volcano. The spot is right by the water and there is a "man" floating around. If I correct it by clicking towards the actual dock, it will catch on aproximately when the dock is in sight and take over and continue fishing.

    From what I can tell, it thinks the dock is much further West than it is but is fully prepared to fish and move when it actually arrives
  11. Never be hesitant to report a bug! If anything is annoying it's users not reporting bugs (if there's any). Thanks for the detailed report. :)
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  12. Ok then I have found another karamja bug and fixed this instead. Seems like the web i created for karamja does not get loaded properly, I will push an update once I'm able to, thanks for reporting anyways, it was very detailed :)

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  13. Tried it at sharks,fishing guild. 2 things I noticed
    1. If you don't have harpoon in your inventory, it wont run
    2. When it has a harpoon in the inventory and it goes to bank, it'll bank the sharks and the harpoon.
    Other then those 2 issues, seems like it would run really well.
  14. The functionality of the bot has nothing to do whether you have a harpoon in inventory or not, since it is automatically added to your toolebelt.
    However, I will push an update shortly :)
  15. I see, well one of those error things popped up when I didn't have the harpoon in the inventory and I submitted a report through it. :)
  16. when im using it in catherby no matter what i fish.. it walks over to the fish then it walk next to the big tree you can grapple on and just stands there :/
  17. I'm aware of this bug, it will be fixed in the next update

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