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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Defeat3d, May 8, 2015.

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  2. well hey! Awesome! Grants on release
  3. Haha, thanks. It was just a quick bot I made to get my OSRS account up a bit. :p
  4. Does this support summoning?
  5. Kappa
  6. Just out of curiosity, which familiar does help when fletching?
  7. None, was just a joke :p
  8. Kappa'd, kappa'd indeed. :(
  9. Kol np nae you gotta be serioscj
  10. I added it on the SDN, but it doesnt come up on my client's script bot list. Its really wierd, never had this problem with any script bot.
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  11. It's for OSRS only (atm).
  12. Oh, right. Would love if you would make one for RS3. None of them work well (except Jfletcher that doesnt work for me).
  13. i tried using your bot today but for some reason when i start the bot, it will open the bank, goto the logs but then it doesn't enter an amount. I did not have resizable mode or anything, i was at a one click bank.
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    im also having that same problem too!
  14. YUP i got a 2 day ban on my account because it was repeating the selecting of the amount to retrieve from the bank.
    Fix this ASAP

    O.T: should i continue botting on that account?
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  15. Is there anti-ban?
  16. Doesn't work. Goes to bank and attempts to withdrawal logs, but clicks "x" amount and doesn't type anything.
  17. @Cloud
  18. what?
  19. I'm suspecting it's something Cloud has to have a look at.
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