Celestial Humidifier 1.0.0

Makes your cat wet.

  1. #1 Defeat3d, Oct 4, 2015
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  2. I'm assuming it fills jug for water as well, yeah?
  3. It should. :p
  4. Awesome. Will test this and post proggy :)
  5. No longer casts humidify, gets to the magic tab and sits there. Likely because of the addition of new lunar spells.
  6. @Cloud can provide an account/data if needed.
  7. @Defeat3d heyy is this bot still working? can't add to client for some reason :(
  8. Will it added for RS3 aswell?
  9. Slight problem with the bot... it keeps logging me out for some reason? When humidifying clay it will log me out after about 5 casts? whats going on?
  10. Bot runs great, would love to see an interface though

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