Celestial Hunter 4.0.0

The Hunter that never rests.

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    Celestial Hunter - The Hunter that never rests.

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  2. W000T, Nice release, time to get hunter up, so I can use this :D
  3. So far so good - Only thing that I want to say it that the script bot makes my computer become very laggy, when moving my mouse around.
    It's not that my hardware isn't sufficient, laptop with quad-core i7 :p
    Also the client's framerate drop down to about 4 fps.
  4. I will make options to decrease cpu/ram usage in the future.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Does the script bot hunt for all types of chins, or is it only for one certain type like red chins?
  7. Standard (grey) and red currently.
  8. Update: doesn't render trap spots to reduce cpu load.
  9. I thought you were going to make it toggleable in the GUI
  10. I will. :p
  11. [​IMG]

    As you wish.
  12. It doesn't work for me after the client updated it just loads up the 5 squares but doesn't place the traps.
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  14. Any chance of adding skillchompas sooner or later? :)
  15. I'll have a look at it soon. :)
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  16. Thanks for your effort! Will probably use this in the near future.
  17. It doesn't dismantle or check box traps once caught/triggered.
  18. RS3?

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