Celestial Motherlode Mine [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Savior, May 6, 2016.

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    Celestial Motherlode Mine - Go see some sunlight instead

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  2. About time for a MLM bot;)
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  3. Took your time.
  4. There's always a way to ruin someone's moment eh? -_-
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  5. No better feeling <3
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    But gz on release, I know you put a lot of effort into it.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Actual photo :(

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  8. D A N K
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  9. i feel a gold farm 4Head
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  10. it takes a while to bank the ores, and sometimes it tries to click the ore veins on the upper level, other than that its working fine :)
  11. It's banking the ores separately because of pickaxes. If no pickaxe is in the inventory though I can make it just deposit the whole inventory. I would then however make it search the crates to get a hammer.
  12. i think that would be alot quicker than banking each ores! :)
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    @Savior plus that means i get a free hammer every invo too haha!
  13. u could also do it not seperate for when pickaxe is in inventory, just bank the pickaxe and hammer on beforehand before u loot the reward bag. and grab the pickaxe and hammer back from the bank once that is done.

    maybe its just me but the bot is not really mining the closest ore veins... it actually almost does a complete lap (instead of going the other way around) to a certain ore vein and mines it. instead of taking a new closest ore vein, it runs back to the other side of the motherload mine and mines an ore vein over there. it only does 17k xp an hr @ lv 45, and i feel like it could be 20-25k at least.
  14. I guess that would take even longer than it is now :p
  15. idk, the way it banks right now is also slow as fuck lmao, lots of missclicks due to the interface on clouse's part, which is quite buggy atm. u could also deposit the whole invy and grab the pickaxe + hammer back from the bank with a leftclick, to prevent the slow interface clicking :)
  16. it is the first version, we will figure out ways to make it better :p
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    im mining like 200 ores an hour or some shit atm aha. but oh well, i just love the fact there is a MLM bot to do!
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  18. Only fixed an exception that occured while generating paths.
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  19. I'm loving the bot :) , however I don't know if this is a flaw within the bot or whether it's client-sided.

    Whenever the bot searches for veins and there is a rockfall in the way, the bot mines it and just stays there without continuing onto the vein although it is idle the status either says "searching for vein" or "interacting with vein". Eventually it will cause my character to be logged out due to inactivity and once it logs back in it will continue normally. Is there some way to fix this?
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