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    Being comprised of three of the finest scripters on this site, Celestial Productions know what makes the user click that add button. With that being said, we have graced this community with some of the finest bots to date, and have plenty more in the works. This thread will help you keep track of the our finished as well as upcoming projects that make you wet and spend money on premium. In the event that a bot is able to be run on both OSRS and RS3, we make it our mission to support both the environments.

    Finished projects:
    - Celestial Divination
    - Celestial Transmutation
    - Celestial Spawner
    - Celestial Summoning
    - Celestial Teleporter
    - Celestial Corrupted Ore Smelter
    - Celestial Livid Farm
    - Celestial Wine Drinker
    - Celestial Flax Spinner
    - Celestial Gilded Altar
    - Celestial Fisher

    Continual upgrading:
    - Celestial Hunter
    - Celestial Runespan
    - Celestial Fletcher

    Being rewritten:
    - Celestial Firemaking
    - Celestial Bank Evaluator
    - Celestial Wine Grabber

    Future/Un-released projects:
    - Celestial Lunar Magic
    - Celestial Citadel
    - Celestial TabMaker
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  2. Man am I pumped for a firemaking bot. Runespan and divination are some of the best bots I've ever used. Keep up the outstanding work my friend!
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  3. Celestial Citadel and Celestial Bank Evaluator are included in my next push, as well as 2 new features.

    Feature 1:
    Our bots will soon all include an in-game chat controller, which allows you to read and send messages in-game without having to pause the bot or even having the client open. You will also be notified of any messages received (if enabled) through tray notifications.

    Feature 2:
    Our bots will soon all automatically upload progress reports to our server (it won't take any space on your drive). You can easily view and share your progress reports by right clicking the RuneMate tray icon. You will be notified through tray notifications when a new progress report has been uploaded. Feel free to post them on their corresponding threads!
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  4. Celestial Gilded Altar features are complete and will be available in the next push:
    - Summoning support for RS3. Will allow you to use Spirit Terrorbird, War-Tortoise, and Pack-Yak
    - Preset support for RS3. Will allow you to use presets for RS3.
    - Lodestone support for RS3. Will allow you to choose to teleport to Yanille via Lodestone if on RS3 or Teleport tablet
    - Glory support - Will allow you to teleport to Edgeville via amulet of glory. Won't add Lodestone support for Edgeville because Glory is free of charge once in your house and faster than using a Lodestone.
    - Player owned house support. - Allows you to use your own house.
    - Revamped User-Interface
    - Pictures of new User-Interface and features - Its #Wyd Squad proof so you can't screw up even if you tried:
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  5. Posting to tell you I like this, as just the like wasn't enough.
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  6. I'm in love.
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  7. Looks lovely. It's like 3 Kikos working together:)
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  8. Yeah the only thing is that our code isn't a single mess ;)
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  9. Good team with friendly bot authors, very nice to see.
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  10. 7 hours later:
  11. Firemaking bot <3
  12. Our chat controller (ICC) will minimize to tray by default:

    We're also adding the option to hide the RuneMate client to tray:
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  13. that chat controller doesn't seem to work unless the chat is on "always on" mode. You could make a toggle for this pretty easily by just having it press enter before typing.
  14. Fixed in next push, forgot about EoC lads.
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  15. Working perfectly now, thanks!

    edit: wait... maybe not


    :(, typing on EoC is fixed, but now it doesn't seem to display any chat.
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  16. Its because the ChatBoxListener is broken within the client. It will automatically start working properly once the ChatBoxListener is fixed within the client by @Cloud
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  17. Fixed
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  18. Thank you kind sir :)
  19. @Defeat3d what kind of message generates a notification? A pm, someone mentioning your rsn,...?
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