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    Have you ever wanted to start your own RuneScape goldfarm? Or want to be extra secure about your accounts, but still botting?

    In that case you must make sure your accounts are as secure as possible. Team Celestial is able to give you that security with our private bots service.

    Of course we are not the only ones providing this kind of service, so give us a moment to explain why we are the best in the bussiness.


    Written with player safety in mind

    Our bots are not only made to last long and perform well statistically, we also put a big focus on keeping your accounts safe with things like the Celestial Antipattern suite, ICC (In-game Chat Controller), and overall a stable bot.



    All Celestial bots come with a feature that allows you to easily keep track of your statistics. With automatic progress report uploading, you're only a few clicks away from seeing your latest progress. If needed, we will provide you with our own database space to host your all time statistics.



    Our team consists of three members; Defeat3d (founder), Savior (co-founder) and Infinite Inferno (Darshan). The three of us have plenty of experience in the field of writing bots for RuneScape. Here's a small overview of our experience in the RuneScape botting scene:

    • Defeat3d - Started in 2010 at powerbot, wrote over 50 public bots for free, moved to RuneMate late 2014. Now has a public premium bot, and 12 free public resources.
    • Savior - Started in 2010 at powerbot, made dank bots, and is mlg.
    • Infinite Inferno - We're not sure when Darshan started writing RuneScape bots, but he has around a year of experience at RuneMate.


    Our pricing differs per bot, and depends on the complexity of the bot. We will assign multiple members to your private bots if you want to pay for it, or if we think we have to. Please contact us through PM, either here or on RuneMate, or by mailing one of these addresses:

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  2. May I ask in what price range an easy script bot would be? And are payments done in USD or RSGP?

    I wish your team the best of luck though! :)
  3. Its based on a bot by bot basis, please send me a PM with regards to what you are looking for. We prefer USD, but can take RSGP as well :) And thank you!
  5. Please make a bot that automatically notifies @Cloud or @Arbiter to get on RM and bloody push new updates!!!
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  6. I have already bought 2 private scripts bots and am about to buy a third private script bot.
    I'm very happy about the costumer service so big vouch for Celestial Productions!
  7. So do I pay monthly or hourly or buy once for a lifetime?
  8. Our basic concept is, you pay a one-time price for the bot, and a monthly update and maintainance cost, while the first month is free.
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  10. Hopefully all goes well! :)
  11. Contact me through PM or Skype (available on my profile).
  12. Looking to also buy
  13. PM me with your requirement.

    Edit: Started a bot for @Bertrand. Thanks for ordering!
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  14. I'm interested in buying
  15. PM me :)
  16. Any of us 3, I'm specialized in OSRS, Savior and Infinite Inferno are specialized in RS3.
  17. Price for a LAVA FLOW MINE bot? :) i applied this in suggestions, but if there is not going to be a public script bot for it, i would like a private script bot for it :)
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