Celestial Purifier 1.0

Claim your free prayer xp

  1. Works pretty well. Started a new rs3 acc and I've gotten 40 prayer already, thanks!

    - Only thing is I needed to check on the bot every10/15 mins because it would sometimes just idle and wouldn't collect from the nexus. All I had to do to fix it was move my mouse a little bit and nothing else.

    - Also wasn't able to test anything to do with the grotesque because all the worlds are empty and you need at least two people to make it appear.
  2. Yeah the minigame is pretty dead nowadays so I did not even include handling the grotesque.
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  3. Worked sweet to get some afk prayer xp though, so thanks. ^^
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  4. The start bot button is greyed out?
  5. Yes that start button is part of my UI. It basically means you don't have to configure anything and the bot starts automatically.
  6. Never mind, got it fixed im an idiot ^^

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