Celestial Rooftops 1.1.1

Makes your Agility level go through the roof!

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  2. Ur a god :)
  3. ur a beast thanks soooo much :D
  4. If you're using fixed mode it gets stuck on the second house (trying to click on the 3rd obstacle) in the Falador course. Full screen mode fixes it.

    Otherwise, a great bot so far. :)
  5. The bot logs itself when it fell during the course. it seems to not continue when your not full hp.
    im a skiller, 10 hp, so it stops when 7 hp. food is in the inventory. Maybe some settings that when below X amount of hp or X amount of % it will eat?
  6. Yes, will be implemented some time soon. :)
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    I'm aware of this, it's a bit of an issue with the in-game model itself, not so much our client/bot. Because Falador is not much better than Canifis (some consider Canifis better even), I'm not going to pay much attention to it.
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  8. I'll work on food support when I have time again. :)
  9. This bot works like a dream.. haven't encountered any problems yet.
  10. Good to hear! Your dream will be improved further once I have time. Food support for sure, potentially banking for food, teleporting in Seers' with the diary, cross course traversal on level up, and alching.
  11. Sweet man
  12. Hij pakt de mark of grace niet op bij het eerste dak, de hoek waar hij in spawnt valt niet in het beeld dus pakt hij hem niet op en klikt hij op het obstakel. maybe dat je hem kan laten lopen naar de mark of het beeld laat draaien. dunno :D
  13. Komt voor de bakker!
  14. misschien handig om te vermelden dat het in de pollivneach course is XD
  15. Ja, principe is overal het zelfde, komt wel goed. :)
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    Incoming update 1.1.0:
    • Ardougne course added
    • Food support added (no banking yet though)
    • Added laps and laps per hour to paint
    • Added a switch to render obstacles in paint
  16. This is absolute gold.
    To top it off I don't need to switch to fixed mode to run it, even better. I was about to blow my brains out leveling agility... One life saved by Celestial Rooftops.
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  17. Glad you're enjoying it!
  18. One issue (which may actually just be client related @Cloud ) I've noticed is with osrs in fullscreen sometimes the animations of going between rooftops (mainly the pole vault and climbing tree) don't complete fully and I need to click the map to get it going again.

    This is where it happens mainly, right after pole vault. Just happened in fixed mode too.

    And here is right after climbing tree.
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