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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Defeat3d, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. Defeat3d submitted a new resource:

    Celestial Runespan - A very stable and feature packed Runespan bot.

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  2. First! Gratz on release!
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  3. Thanks! Enjoy. :)
  4. Congratulations man, will try this out soon!
  5. does this go all the way till 99?
  6. Soon(TM)

  7. What do you mean soon? Does it not support high klevels? 90+
  8. It does, what I mean with soon is that it will be able to go from 1-99 without stopping.
  9. so u say it will go to the best isles by itself? if so.. how are u so sure that these are the best isles?
  10. It goes to whatever island has a better creature/node on it..
  11. upload_2015-4-16_2-8-54.png

    there u go ;) lil proggy, pretty much flawless. couldnt find any huge flaws so far. (small ones neither tbh:p)
  12. Will test this out as soon as i can :D
  13. Nice proggie! Here's mine.

  14. i think ur on the wrong island mate ;P u can get easily 70k-80k xp an hr on a diffrent island
  15. left it on one island didnt move to top floor :( i bot while i sleep legit in the day :p
  16. ah ok, makes sense :p
  17. Started a fresh lvl 3 to use for this script bot, left on overnight went from 1 to 37 very stable :p, i just figure if i bot overnight that 7 hours for me, thats around 420k xp + s day to rc haha, with my main that is
  18. i bot 24/7 @ runespan with a new acc. got 87 in 20 hrs +-
  19. nice hope you dont get ban hammer, i wont bot 24/7 with my main just because ive done over 110 quests and im 60 combat lol
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