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    CP AIO Summoning - Creates familiar pouches for summoning xp!

    How to use:
    Start at Taverley bank if you are using the Taverley method and at the dungeoneering bank if you are using the Kyatt method. Have the Ring of Kinship in the bank or your inventory, and if using presets, have the ring of kinship as part of the preset.
    Start with the items in your bank. This script bot will stop if your Inventory and your Bank don't contain all the required materials.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Congratulations on release! Keep the scripts bots coming!
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  3. Congratulations on your script bot release, will test it as soon as I have a decent amount of charms. :)
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  4. Is it possible for you to add Prifddinas support, because you get 20% bonus xp with the Voice of Seren? Also, it's a faster/or on par with the Kyatt method. It might even be faster with the "surge" ability.
  5. I unfortunately don't have an account with access to Prifddinas, and i would first like people to run this script bot using both the Taverley and Kyatt methods and let me know of any bugs they have encountered. I want to make sure that both those methods are flawless before adding other regions :)
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  8. Rename. <3
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  12. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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