Celestial Transmutation 1.1.1

Casts Transmutation on items for Divination XP and Profit!

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  2. CP transmutation updated and working perfectly off the SDN!
  3. It seems to have problems clicking on "Create" after it has clicked on the Energy
  4. Like does it never click on Create or what?
  5. I am really sorry for replying this late! But I've been busy during the weekend :(
    I think it tries to click on it 1 time or so, but it wont succeed and then it wont do anything after that.
    It just hovers over it
  6. It's super laggy and extremely slow. Also it doesn't do anything after transmuting once.
  7. I pushed an update for both of those things. Just waiting for @Arbiter or @Cloud to push em through.
  8. Try it now since the update has gone live on the SDN.
  9. Thank you for the update!
    I will try the script bot in 5mins and report back ;)
  10. I just tried it and when I started the script bot my whole computer almost froze :eek:
    Just tried another CP script bot and the same happened, but when I used another it worked fine. Not sure what the reason for this is, sorry! :(
  11. I'm getting the same error as above.
  12. Sorry about the trouble guys, the CP scripts bots all have the same paint, therefore the same image host, which is causing these problems. @Defeat3d will fix this soon. Sorry once again!
  13. It's more than alright :)
  14. Issues should be gone.
  15. Hoping the script bot is working fine for everyone.
  16. some issues...
    1- does not click on bank after 1 stack of transmutation....just stays "casting transmutation"
    2- just can cast on the first item of each energy tab.
    3- ervything runs fast, but when when is going to click on "create" on divination product tab, waits like 5 secs after clicking...slowing and lowering profit/h.

    thank you!!
  17. Having the same problem as above

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