Celestial Wine Grabber [Deleted]

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  1. CS Wine Grabber

    How to use:
    • Wield any kind of air staff
    • Place telekinetic grab in an actionbar slot with a key binding
    • Have plenty of law runes in your inventory

    • Supports Falador lodestone
    • When other players are around it will grab wine as fast as possible, if not it will have a human delay
    • Escapes when being attacked by accident

    Progress reports:

    1.0.0 - 10.12.2014: Initial release
    1.0.4 - 19.12.2014: Fixed stuck in bank issue
    1.05 - 21.12.2014: Simplified casting method, might change it back later

    Upcoming features:
    -User feedback based improvements
    -OSRS support if appreciated
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  2. :D
  3. It's working great atm , i will try to go for a proggy tomorrow
  4. Worked very well for me in Falador. Runs very smooth, no babysitting required. Props Shinji.
  5. Thanks guys :)
    Pls note that the profit counter isnt working properly due to a client bug, it will be fixed in Runemate beta 67 though
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  7. When it spams the close button why doesnt it close?

    NVM, there was only a really small bug
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  8. yeah i should've of described it better soz
  9. Nah it's ok, my fault
  10. it doesn't seem to do anything
  11. like i click play and nothing happens
  12. Where are you starting the bot?
  13. When there's other people it doesn't click fast at all. Just waits too long and the wine gets stolen :(
  14. Try another world with a lower ping, if the bug is still there please reply again :)
  15. Just tried that, didn't work.
  16. also sometime it has to right click to telegrab the wine cause the camera angle is causing it to somehow have the other people showing over the wine also sometimes it tries to telegrab the other people
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