OSRS Chance of getting banned ?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by unexist, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. hi i have a main acc on osrs at 122 cb that had a bot warning in feb 2015
    i made a new acc completly botted its at 97 cb but low total lvl if i keep botting on this acc and play on the legit account
    will i get flagged with the other account thats botting since the other had a botwarning ?
    they are both on the same ip but differnt ip since ive been botbusted
  2. No, Jagex aren't that cruel.
  3. It's controversial opinion that Jagex don't link accounts by IP.
  4. close this already im botting on em both
  5. They will only ban you if you continuously trade items between them.
    Source: Lost a cb 115 quest cape account on osrs this way. Use a mule or two, or level the botted account enough to where it can be self sufficient.
  6. they are both beeing botted look at my screenshot tread fuck it im risking theres the 122 and the other one im using a nmz script bot to get max cb its at 90 str almost :p

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