OSRS Chances of me getting banned?

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  1. So some background on my account. This account that I use for OSRS is very old. Ancient I should say. The username is itself is an actual username, not an email. I have been botting for a week now. Not 24/7 now. Here are my stats.

    Also I do not bot the same skill everyday. It is different skills. I do talk to people at times. Especially when I am woodcutting or fishing

    removed image link

    Of course the only skill I did not bot was magic since I can afk splash as it is. I also just did 3 quests
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  2. Your risking your account right now by showing all your levels and total xp.
    Jagex can use this to find your account, and it'll be instantly banned.
    I removed the link of your account, to protect you against getting banned as I mentioned above.

    But besides this, you should be fine if you do the following:
    1. Bot for 8 hours a day max.
    2. Check the bot's reviews before you actually use them.
    3. Do quests on a daily or regular basis.
    PS: I don't play/bot OSRS but I've heard the ban rates are higher then RS3/DS.
  3. Bot like you were to actually play like a real person, that's what I do and never got banned yet.

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