Rejected Change default skill xp to -1 to fix skill listener

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  1. @Cloud would it be possible for you to change the skill class to have xp/lvl values of -1 if the skills haven't loaded? because when you login it goes from 0->yourxp and the listener thinks its an xp gain. if it was default -1 then you could just filter out events that go from xp = -1 -> x
    Also filtering out negative changes would be good. If you log in then out then back in it detects two changes for each skill, one from yourxp to 0, the other from 0 back to your xp
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  2. Even the 0 value is taken directly from the game, it's not a fallback for when the skill data isn't loaded. Also the skill listener monitors all changes in the data, so just filter the changes out if you're not logged in when it happens.
  3. That's the problem. After being logged in and your character being loaded, it takes a second or two before the experience is set to the correct value, so the listener picks up the change even when checking for RuneScape.isLoggedIn() (RS3, not sure about osrs)
  4. I second this, noticed it when using HaxAgility and checking after a smoke break. Noticed I had been re-logged in and the paint was slowing many many skills xD.

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