Chat alerts when your name is used specifically

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Benno, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. I'm aware that you get alerts when people talk in the public chat but I feel like it would be more useful if say an alert with a red background or something more noticeable popped up when your username is used in public chat.
    That is all. Thanks.
  2. also, it just alerted me that my wallet changed (took $0.05 for divination bot) and the bot stopped until I clicked 'ok'. Does this normally happen?

    edit: just disabled 'send tray notifications'
    would that solve it?
  3. Those chat notifications come from the ICC (Celestial bots exclusive), I am sure we can find a way to optionally reduce the notifications to only when your character name is mentioned. The only problem is that this would be very inaccurate, because people oftenly only say the first word of your name, replace numbers (3, 1,...) with the corresponding letters, or sometimes don't even say your name if there is no other player around. All these things would cause the ICC to not trigger a warning.
  4. I had considered that but I'm sure you could allow the user to set up keywords to be alerted by which people are more likely to contact you with (If your account name was Savior662 you would put down Savior to be alerted by).
  5. Man i love that feature :D

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