Resolved ChatDialog & Inventory.getSelectedItem() broken

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Hazard, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. * ChatDialog#getOptions() returns null all the time; ChatDialog.getOption(int) obviously too.

    * Inventory#getSelectedItem() returns null as well.
  2. @Cloud

    @Hazard it may not be relevant, but could you provide your gamepack ID just in case?
  3. c7974bb7
  4. OSRS or RS3 is a good start too.
  5. Okay so I've done some testing and the chat dialog options were not properly detected in legacy mode. I've resolved that for the next release, however Inventory.getSelectedItem did return correctly after right clicking an item and selecting "Use".
  6. neither in rs3 not legacy said aria
  7. Huh, I've had different results. And yes, I screwed up and clicked "Best Answer" on accident, I understand that this isn't fully resolved.
  8. LOL, it is ok, just i want back contract slayer :(
  9. We'll see about that in 2 months when I bump this topic :) #classicCloud :D
  10. Hilarious -_-, but I did resolve an issue with legacy that I found so...
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    Just pushed a release, can you try it again?

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