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  1. Hey , so im currently looking to start my own service which will include questing and powerlvling.

    As for the prices , these can be discussed via pm or

    skype : Sergey0238

    Once we have agreed on a price i ask that you please post of the forum stating the quest or service offered ,, and to please leave a feedback once the service is complete [​IMG]


    Any questions please pm me or add me on skype.

    I have a awesome feedback on :)

    Thanks [​IMG]

    First Service Completed - 24-53 Theiving


    Second Service Completed [​IMG] - 50-73 1/2 smithing [​IMG]


    Third order completed - 22-63 Fishing Completed [​IMG]


    Finished 3 Quests!




    4th Quest Completed
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  2. Goodluck, may order in the near future.
  3. are these services botted. how much would 63-85 smithing cost
  4. Its all up to you whether or not you want it botted. So far all have been done by hand in 1-2 days. :)
  5. Please pm me here or on skype : Sergey0238 for the smithing rate
  6. can you kill jad? not the whole cave jad only
  7. 07 or rs3?
  8. Taking Orders!
  9. Taking Orders :)
  10. How much for 60 attack and 75 strength on a fresh level 3 in OSRS?
  11. Please Message me on skype for rates :)
  12. Please answer me here for rates.
  13. do you need it done by hand or botted?
  14. Can be botted.
  15. how much to get me from 10 to 30 QP's osrs
    with dragon slayer completed
  16. 30m rs3 gp or 4.5m :)
  17. 25m 07 gold , if you have a better offer pm me it :)
  18. That's nearly $70, no thanks.
    I am willing to spend 20m rs3 max.

  19. I thought you said your prices were reasonable considering you can do 2 very short quests and get 8 qps :/
  20. Which quests exactly do u need?

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