Chinese Shops

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Would you do this?

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  1. Have anybody seen this?

    Any opinions?

    I think this is fun, they're sitting there in days and just playing runescape lmao.
  2. Sounds and looks really fake.
  3. It is fake but it was funny anyway!
  4. Everything that is made in China is fake, accept it, that's just how it is
  5. I believe they do that but the talk was just like unrealistic.
  6. Hahaha, it's true about that they sit in sweater shops and do things like this.

    But it was fun too see :)
  7. iphone = made in China.
  8. iPhone = for people who want to show they have money to other people

    Nexus = for programmers who want to show regular people that their phone is superior to their iPhone, but they won't believe you.
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  9. I dont like Android or nexus, beacuse Android starts lagging when you have used your samsung 2-3 years, while iphone don't start laggs if you dont jailbreak it, :)
  10. Samsung is not supposed to be running an operating system like Android.

    'Nuff said

    Btw I don't like a closed, non-mess-up-able operation system like iOS is..
  11. Hazard, That's good that we all have an own opinion isnt it? :)
  12. iphone has way too many restrictions.
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  13. How to: Changing the subject of a topic to something completely different for dummy's. (Traditional Chinese version)
  14. Hahahaha indeed.
  15. Anyways back to food, we were talking about apples and lollipops
  16. Its kinda weird that they don't actually say "Runescape" xd
  17. I doubt the authenticity of this specific video, but aren't most gold sites based out of China?

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