ChopNShaft 2.0

Cuts logs and makes them into Shafts

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    ChopNShaft - Cuts logs and makes them into Shafts

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  2. Now make a feather collecting script bot and i will swim in the money $$$$$
  3. Massfighter + popular world = success.
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  4. Haha yes!
  5. Getting stuck just moving camera back and forward moving mouse towards tree / moving camera
  6. Try to zoom out in RuneScape 3 so you can view the trees,also I look into it now!
  7. @Grumble are you in our Skype dev chat? If not and you want to be, PM me your Skype.
  8. I think I already was ( I play fully zoomed) but I'll test it again, cheers.
  9. I am now in the Development chat,I PM you my skype also if you need me
  10. I'm 3 fast 5 you
  11. Let me look into it,I found some other bugs that needs to be fixed.
  12. Maikel is homo
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  13. Version 1.3 out now.
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  14. Version 1.4 out now.
  15. Where did you do your testing of the bot?

    Could you add dead tree option? That's the only part I know with good density for this kinda thing but it doesn't do dead tree.
  16. [​IMG]

    I'll add dead tree into it and I will push an update

  17. Version 1.5
    out now.
  18. Add support for west of barb village next to the altar (best spot to do this imo)
  19. Those trees are called Evergreen,right?
  20. Yes.

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