Christmas Time

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  1. So im guessing a wide population off RuneMate celebrate Christmas but, What are we all expecting/Wanting?
  2. Christmas time = spending botting money on beer
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    *EDIT: actually that's not christmas time, that's just most of the time.
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  3. Nothing tbh
  4. I'm expecting time with my family, not monetary stuff.
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  5. Extremely luxurious Christmas dinners.
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  6. My nan cooks the best roast dinner :D want me to share it
  7. Christmas? I got a shop to manage xd
  8. I got my own multimedia and electro shop here in Belgium :)
  9. The day off would be nice, but really i expect nothing. I don't have any children so I don't celebrate it, I might meet up with family tho but normally its not a very welcoming event. Either my Mother or Grandmother will use the event since we are all together to either complain about random things or try and make us feel bad. We will all then leave right then and there.

    We are not a very close family with the exception of my brothers and sisters.
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  10. I expect to be alive, christmas is just another day afterall.
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  11. I actually want snow. Fuck the money and fuck the presents, I just want to have snow on Christmas.
  12. Me too, last year it was 85 degrees and sunny here on christmas..I went to the beach. I live in Florida, USA and it's always hot..
  13. i still want my beer.
  14. 1. Church
    2. Alcohol
    3. Family
  15. Let me make this right:
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  16. Nothing because I'm not 12 anymore
  17. Christmas is for chilling with the family and things like that. When I need something in my life I just buy it, instead of waiting for christmas
  18. 420blazeit, nuff said

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