Resolved Clicking the Alerts button freezes Spectre

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by SlashnHax, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. The Alerts button as in the bell shaped thing between the mail icon and the wallet icon at the top of the Spectre UI. There's no stacktrace, it just stops responding and I have to kill it.

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    Post #8 by Arbiter, Apr 6, 2016
  3. Unable to reproduce on Windows. Please specify OS and desktop environment. Then tell me if the same problem occurs when you click the mail icon or the wallet icon.
  4. It was Arch + KDE, and it wasn't always consistent. I'm currently mainly using Windows now due to the fact that I only seem to be getting 10% bandwidth on Arch, probably due to the ath9k drivers. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.
  5. Same here.
    Running Spectre on Ubuntu 14.04 + Unity (thats correct right?), I got a notification and clicked it, then it froze. I didn't do much that could cause it.
  6. Haven't used linux in a few weeks now, so I can't really confirm nor deny
  7. Reproduced and fixed in next build.

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