Resolved Clicking Through Walls

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    Oct 3, 2015
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    I have noticed this in various bots and so I believe it is a client error.

    Example: Maxichickens, massfighter @ chickens, and flax spinners at lumbridge castle.
    • The bot will go about its business for a few minutes/hours, trying to loot some bones on the ground. There will be a pile nearby a house/wall, and the bot/client knows the bones are there. However, the bot cannot access the bones. And so, I have to manually move the camera angle so that the bones are visible and the bot goes back to doing business.
    • Flax Spinner: Bot gets stuck at 2nd floor. Nobody knows why. Camera angle is stuck, and so the staircase is hidden behind the castle wall. Bot cannot find the staircase for some reason, and so it starts moving the mouse in a circular manner in small bursts like it would at the chickens.
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    EDIT: This is on OSRS

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