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  1. @Cloud @Arbiter This would be really really useful for developers.

    I usually have my IDE on my left screen and Chrome on the right.
  2. Nice idea, I'll add it in the next build.
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    I was planning to add it on the next release, but setAlwaysOnTop seems to only be taking affect on the main window. Calling setAlwaysOnTop on the child dialogs appears to be being ignored and because of this it's actually rather frustrating to use it.
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  3. Take your time buddie, I'll be patient
  4. It would also be nice if the options and debug menus opened on the same monitor as the main window in a multi-monitor environment.
  5. How is it doing things currently?
  6. Always opens on the main monitor. I think I recall from some time I spent working on GUIs for scripts bots, I just called this.setLocationRelativeTo(getParent()); in the JFrame constructor and it always put it on top of the window that launched it. I'm not sure if you are even using JFrames, but maybe it will be a nice quick fix.

    Edit: I just restarted, and it seems to be working the way I wanted now, lol did you just push an update?
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  7. Nope...
  8. Weird, maybe it was just something funky happening with windows 10.

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