Resolved Client crashes, Any help will be appreciable

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by KingSwapV2, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. So the client freezes/crashes after an hour or 2 of working for me, I've allocated the memory to 2gb but it still crashes/freezes. Any help will be appreciable! I have windows 8.1, 4GB ram. It's not just a specific bot, it crashes after some time for all the bots. Thanks Runemate team, @Arbiter @Cloud
  2. Do you get any error messages ?

    I know that RuneMate can use around 2 GB of RAM, and considering your running one of the later versions of Windows you won't have a lot of free memory. [as Windows 8.1 uses around 2 GB itself]
    Try using Cleanmem to keep your memory low.

    Use the settings below, and make sure you manually clean your Memory after applying these settings.
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  3. It's weird that it crashes after a couple hours of running, though. If it was RAM related, I'd probably expect it to crash within 10-20 minutes.

    It'd be great if you could catch a glimpse of whether you're given any errors before it crashes, like Microsoft said. I'm leaning towards this being the issue. Also, which bots are you using?
  4. You right actually.
    RuneMate's RAM usage will reach the 2GB after a while.
    Even tho, his system might use extra resources when updates etc.. are being installed.
    If your not getting any messages @KingSwapV2 , I still suggest you to use the Cleanmem ;)
  5. Oh yeah, he should definitely use CleanMem. Not even questioning that. :D It's just intriguing that it would take so long, so I'd like to see if the bot might get stuck on something.
  6. Yeah, if a problem occurs after hours of usage its either:
    1. Bot error
    2. Java error
    3. Out of RAM
  7. Okay, so its not the bot error . I mainly use celestial hunter and i've got proggies for it runing for 10 hours + . But that's on rare cases, usually after 1 or 2 hours it just crashes. I used your auto repair stuff, for the memory allocating. I'm not freezing anymore i guess, lets see if we can get any progress :D @Microsoft @Falixus
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  8. That's good. Report back to us soon with any progress. :p
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    Has everything been going good so far?
  9. Glad you got it working. :)

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