Resolved Client crashes when opening a drop down menu in bots interface.

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  1. Ive had this issue since ive started using runemate. Ive gotten it to work a couple of time but constantly when trying numerous bots when i go to select an option from the drop down menu the whole client freezes. I need some help. @Cloud

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  3. ty ill post a log when it happens
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    [Debug] RuneMate Version: 2.2.8
    [Debug] Java Version: 8u92 x86 (Oracle Corporation)
    [Debug] Operating System: Windows 10 x64

    this is all it gives for a log when it crashes.
    i will select the bot, select account, select rs instance. then for instance using sudo divination bot, u click the drop down to select the whisp type and then it freezes and the program no longer responds requiring me to hard close it and reopen a new runemate client
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  4. Sounds like an issue that was experienced a while ago by some users, although I thought it was fixed a while back. iirc it had something to do with windows 10 PC with touchscreens. If you google "windows 10 javafx combobox freeze", there are a few posts about it.
    If you can successfully tab to get the combobox in focus, and then click it, it shouldn't crash. It's been an issue in JavaFX for a while, I'm surprised they haven't fixed it yet...
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  5. SLASH I F'N LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! i never thought of tabbing into it. its running like a pro again!
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  6. @SlashnHax there should be a documented fix that involves setting an environment variable. It must have fallen through the cracks in Spectre. Please re-implement.

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