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  1. Believe what you would like to believe, i was going to just post this as a comment on the one of many ban threads but as it is so long i decided it may deserve a thread of its own. I would also like to hear your experiences.

    I dont even bot. Just log in on a new acocunt then log out. 1 day later, am banned.

    *Note all account i believe that are getting banned because of the client detection i get like 4 bans, This was the least amount at 3 consecutive bans.


    *Note i just logged in and cussed people out cause i was salty about all my bans then logged out and tryed logging in, Then the perm bans come through

    All accounts were fresh accounts, skipped tut island then teled to lumb then i log out.

    Also i wanted to play DMM so i made and membered 2 new accounts, 1 was going to be a mule. I played for about 2.5 hours then botted for about 40 mins at cows taking over every 5 mins because i was getting attacked. Then i gave up on that and 20 mins later both accounts received bot busting bans.


    Also my Main ironman account botted 24/7 for 2 months no bans and after the client detection thing, perm banned after a little bit of botting after my temporary ban.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. yea all my accounts barley last 5 min before disconnect and ban.
  3. I'm suspecting the same thing, a mule which I logged onto using the RM client was permabanned, while my main mule which only uses the official RS client is safe.

    Edit: We're well aware of the existence of delayed bans. However, the evidence and the developer of Tribot announcing that there is client detection shows something else is happening.
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  4. For the last time ( I know 99% of future posters won't read this. )

    If you log into your account and you get disconnected within a minute then banned.


    It is called in common terms a " delay ban " i'm not saying it's clients fault, because if it was, hundreds of people will have mysteriously get banned and probably flood this site with compliants ( even though they are cheating in a game :p logic. )

    Try it. go bot 20hours suicidal then log out. try logging back in, and you'll most likely be banned.

    The following has all been my personal experience / opinion.
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  5. Everyone knows its a delayed ban, its not my first day botting.... But what happens is i get client detected and setup to recieve a delayed ban on login for using a botting client
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    Exact thing happned to my mule, a fresh account holding 20m gold i bought ready to buy a bond for my ironman, which after the temp ban had a trade restriction, after my ironman got banned i was going to give away the gold to a random f2p person i logged in then, bam discnnected, perm banned. was a fresh account

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