Resolved Client Freezes when Syncing with Cloud

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jamesbeaufeeny, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Whenever I launch the client for RS3 or Darkscape the client freezes at the page copied below; this error doesn't occur for OSRS. I'm using a MAC laptop and I believe I have all the other necessary software downloaded. I'd appreciate any advice on fixing this. I heard about this site from a friend and am excited to try it out once it works! Thanks in advance.

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    Post #9 by Arbiter, Oct 2, 2015
  3. Do you get any error messages ?
    Usually restarting RuneMate resolves this problem.
  4. I have this issue too, and am a Mac user. @Arbiter is aware and I'm sure he or @Cloud will fix it soon.
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  5. Let me TV you.
  6. Did you ever figure out the problem? I'm on a Mac as well and am having the same issues.
  7. Sure I'll Skype you.
  8. If there's a projected timeline for the fix, that would be great to know.
  9. So guys if any of you didn't get it already, launch bot > login > then click on the icon in top of ur screen where ur battery percentage also is and hide to tray ! then wait like few secs and then click on it again ! works :D

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  10. That is a great temporary fix and gives me a lead on what the issue may be. Thanks!

    To rephrase, @gunfabber is suggesting allowing the game to start loading and then hiding to tray/taskbar. Then waiting 3-5 minutes until the game has finished loading and then unhide from tray/taskbar.
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    Potentially resolved. Please confirm.
  11. Confirmed.
  12. This just started happening to me. Stuck at "Syncing with RuneMate Cloud". Hiding to tray doesnt work.

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