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  1. Hey, people of RuneMate

    When I start up RuneMate, it runs smooth, i can play non-laggy, but when I run a script bot (tried 2 diff scripts bots, both laggy), FPS drop s to like 10-15. I run the .jar on "java -jar -Xmx1024m RuneMate.jar" script bot. It cant run the bot on 2gb ram, as the CMD gives me some error. Also my client is on legacy mode, minimal graphics and fixed screen size.

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  3. What java version do you have? 64 bit or 32 bit?
  4. this might sound abit dumb but how do i check it out? Im not totally sure, but my OS is 64bit atleast.
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    i got it, its 32-bit java.
  5. No wonder. If you are on a windows, go to start -> system. Then tell me whether it says Windows 64 bit or 32 bit. If it says 64 bit, then you need to delete the 32-bit version of java and download the 64 bit one. Then it should work fine.
  6. screenshot link.
  7. you have a 64 bit processor yet have a 32 bit windows installed. hmmm
  8. So you have a 64bit processor but a 32bit operating system. Not just for RuneMate, but computer usage in general if your processor supports 64bit you should use a 64 operating system so you can leverage the added benefits of 64bit architecture. That being said, if your operating system is 32bit you can only use 32bit Java, which is definitely the case right now. The ideal situation is that you upgrade your operating system to 64bit (and Java to 64bit in turn). If this isn't possible then you can try to ask the dev to lower the performance intensity or have a low-spec mode. As a sidenote our next big initiative here is to lower the performance needs to fully support 32bit, but it is a big undertaking so it may take a while.
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