Resolved Client Idling Problem? (Multiple Script Problem?)

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Mkl, Aug 30, 2015.


Has this happened to you today after the ddos attack?

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  1. After today's ddos attack there seems to be an idling problem within scripts bots

    While doing agility it will click on the next task and do it, but when the next task arises it seems to just idle for a long time


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    Post #6 by Cloud, Aug 31, 2015
  3. @Cloud getting multiple reports about this. What's up?
  4. The client doesnt allow the bot to click on food/potions instead the cursor just sits on the inventory page and idles. It was broken in the recent update yesterday. Also Alpha Slayer bot, it was supposed to go to the polypore dungeon but just idled instead, something with the web walking is broke. Aria confirmed they didnt change any code and that it used to work properly but now the client update must of broke it. Thought id add this in, a big issue.
  5. Ive had problems with the client hovering the cursor over the inventory page too, but not really clicking anything.
  6. My client worked perfectly last night. Today, running any bot just seems to freeze up. Combat will work for a few minutes before crashing, and while skilling the bot just becomes unresponsive. It will say "walking to bank" or whatever other status it's currently doing, but just idle.
  7. What about now?
  8. seems to be working now

    i will mark as solved in around 1 hour to fully get a check
  9. Working good now thanks! Seems to be eatting/drinking pots on legacy interface but still idles and does nothing on EOC.
  10. Please pm me an account that is experiencing this issue so that I can try and resolve it
  11. I will post and let you know how mine is soon :) Thanks for looking into it, I am so glad it wasn't just me. :D Thanks again, any chance this could have been a RS client update and now runemate is detectable??
  12. I ran my bots last night and so far haven't had any subsequent problems. No idling and no warnings so far.
  13. It was unrelated and actually was fallout from the changes they made to the action bar interfaces.

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