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    Ok this post is for @Cloud so please don't post suggestions

    Problem that sometimes the session on runemate stop after 1 hour at same time on 3 different computer on 3 different networks, the problem is that the session on runescape expired and the autologin stop.
    Basicly i see this, without bot or client message error

    My tests so far:

    I) 3 different client opened at same time 1) runemate 2) epicbot 3) official client when that problem happen on runemate did not happen on official client or epicbot.

    II) 3 different network with 3 different net company on 3 different computer on 3 different house. That problem happen at same time on all 3

    III) tried several bots so.... still happening. bots excluded

    IV) tested the internet connection, the vpn and the ips change on my computers for 72 hours, excluded network lost, ips change, or computer problems.

    V) that happened from 20 mins to 5 hours, so that should exclude the rs client 6 hours problem. or the normal end of session after the 23 hours

    I finished ideas, last data, i run max 4 session on computer at same time, computers have over 20gbs of ram and 8 core processor with enough power too, checked also the performance, but this still happening. Sometimes not always but on last week i could not end a single session without that problem...

    I hope i described it clearly enough, thank for help and for your work

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