Resolved Client stops answering at this screen (Mac)

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mrPikkabo, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Post #25 by Arbiter, Oct 2, 2015
  3. same here also mac user
  4. As in it freezes or just never gets past syncing? How long have you left it open for?
  5. it just freeze,i let it open for about 20minutes and still freeze there
  6. Yeah, it did that for me the first time. I just force closed it and tried again and haven't seen the problem since then.

    Cloud, are you free right now? Because there are some bugs .. I'm not sure if its just DarkScape, but it's kinda messed up.
  7. Can we fix this? Basically the client won't work for mac users since yesterday.
  8. Yeah same problem for me
  9. Same problem for me, been trying for 2 days!
  10. i am using mac too but i think it is because of the advertisement and if i want to hide in tray won't work anymore too can you maybe fix it :)
  11. @Cloud any word on these fixes?
  12. it splits the bod and the screen of the game in 2 too so i crashes a lot maybe set it back to the last setting without the advertisment ?
  13. It still doing it, updated JRE and JRK same problem.
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  14. Yah same problem over here.
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    Alright fellow mac users.

    I downloaded this:

    And now the RuneMate is working. (y)(y)
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    Now the only "problem" is that the client is lagging like hell. 20fps or something all the time hahah.
    Well the main thing is that it's working now! :rolleyes:

  15. the bot works but crashed a lot i have installed this too but won't work a it supposed to be i got 2 screens can hide in tray and crashed a lot if i want to start a bot
  16. Has this problem been fixed?
  17. No still currently here.
  18. got the same problem, weird thing is, it loads osr just fine. RS3 and darkscape are both not working

    (03:35:15) [Debug] Version: 1.2.6
    (03:35:15) [Debug] Operating System: Mac OS X (x64)
    (03:35:15) [Debug] Java: 8 Update 60 (x64)

    bot seems to work fine if you quickly minimize the bot and let it load.
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  19. Can confirm Hoodz workaround works for now. my client freezes out and i have to right click the java icon and hide. Then the RS3 window pops up in reanimate and i can run the bot

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