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  1. This is probably the MOST frustrating thing I've found with Runemate.. Sometimes the client will repeatedly take focus away from whatever window I'm on whenever the bot (multiple different ones) I'm running is clicking. Get's extremely frustrating and the only way i've found to (possibly) fix it is to restart both runemate and the client.

    Is there ANY way to fix this? I've almost slapped my computer in anger

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    Post #7 by Arbiter, Sep 9, 2016
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  4. Problem with me doing that is I need to monitor my bot because it involves wildy, so if I die I need to know when to run back.
  5. I've had this problem intermittently for a while now. I'm not 100% sure on a fix but what seems to work for me is alt tabbing between two windows that aren't RM/RS. For example, I always have Discord + Firefox open. I have 3 monitors so "minimizing" from the task bar doesn't work for me - it just brings RM to focus.
  6. Seems like if I minimize the client (not runemate) and re-open it, that sometimes fixes the issue. Tends to vary, though.
  7. Not a bug. Official client behavior. We will never modify the official client. Plenty of solutions posted in this thread and many others. Closed as duplicate.

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