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  1. Since one of the last updates (not sure which particular one) my client becomes unresponsive - the part/frame of the client where the game is supposed to be becomes frozen or black. Sometimes the game shows again but I'm not able to click anything - it becomes completely frozen. In a different case, the "frame" of the client (the part where the PLAY, STOP, SETTINGS buttons are) disappears. Did not have any problems not even a week ago. Tested it on multiple PCs (one running win 7, the other win 8.1).

    See photo: 3 open clients on 1 desktop. 2 of them are missing the content and just show the "frame"..

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  3. remove your name from the picture!
  4. Had the same issue last night. I think the staff is already aware of this issue :)
  5. We are not aware of this bug and need reproduction steps to investigate.

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  6. yesterday when i starter hPyramid plunder, it started running and then i minimized it.
    After 2 minutes i tried re-opening the client (expand it) and i blocked and the screen turned black.
    When i clicked the "stop" button i took the client a few minutes then i worked fine again.
    I though it was the script bot which still had some flaws so i went to use Alpha outpost fisher, and i had exactly the same bug. So to make sure it was the client i tried Maxi Herblore on my laptop and yes, i had the same problem. :) ly ;)
  7. Not so sure about when this happens as its pretty uneven but I am pretty sure the most times it's caused by minimizing and maximizing the client back. Also, proggies usually disappear when I do this.
  8. Please create a new thread when you have more information. In the meantime, let's cross our fingers and hope the update today fixed it.

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