Resolved @Cloud @Arbiter Error!

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jesse, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Getting this randomly

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Matrix is not symmetric positive definite.
    at a.dC.enum(xe:1828)
    at a.PC.enum(xe:270)
    at a.PC.enum(xe:265)
    at a.dE.enum(xe:258)
    at a.dE.enum(xe:265)
    at a.pE.enum(di:21)
    at a.pE.enum(di:265)
    at a.wE.enum(di:240)
    at a.wE.enum(di:265)
    at a.nb.else(wk:1258)
    at a.Em.enum(twb:794)
    at a.Em.enum(twb:900)
    at a.RK.enum(jsb:104)
  2. How frequently is it occurring?
  3. Every hour or two

    makes it impossible to AFK
  4. I highly recommend suppressing/recursing to patch this bug @Cloud until we have time to investigate it in detail.
  5. Also please be more descriptive in your titles @Jesse.
  6. No worries will do!

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