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  1. I'm going to let Arbiter edit this later on with all of the details (Since he designed it), but to summarize:
    • We don't use an algorithm to generate fake mouse paths
    • Human-mouse movements are stored in the cloud and used to build profiles
    • Because human-mouse movements are used, there aren't any patterns for Jagex to search for, rendering one of Jagex's most common forms of analysis useless.
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  2. Nice, beats a lot of other bots, I was trying to figure out how one might make a good mouse
  3. This is all good news but is the bot countering client analysis like I assume Jagex have code to check if the user is using a client or loading the game from the website.
  4. Handling that is so basic, we didn't even bother mentioning it. We have taken all the measures necessary to make sure that Jagex cannot tell the difference between loading from the website and out custom client, including but definitely not limited to disguising it as the web browser you use most often (data gathered from your site usage). If you are curious as to the details of how that is achieved and revealing the anti-detection methods does not compromise the security itself, you should ask Cloud to outline it. I'm sure he would be more than happy to. :)
  5. Why does powerbot not handle client detection like RuneMate? :p I don't use it, but from what I've heard it's instant ban...
  6. I didn't think RuneScape (or at least, Old School RuneScape) checked your mouse movements, and that all bans were manual.
  7. So your proposing, when a banwave comes, all the 10k accounts are banned by hand?
  8. When I enable the mouse while a script bot is running and then I move it around, they fight each other and my mouse flies around the screen at amazing speeds. If they were monitoring our mouse movements, that should probably get me banned.
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  9. Yes this! I just pause the bot and than do all the shit.

    You guys need to add a 0.1 sec pause when user enables mouse controllers or something. It's hard to think of a idea to help this.
  10. I've suggested that a bot should be automatically paused when a person mouses on screen with user input enabled, I think the consensus was that people should learn to pause the bot first though it is a stress source for me because I sometimes forget and freak out when it does happen.
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