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  1. It's taking like 2+ minutes to do things. I can 99% say its not due to the scripts bots either.
  2. Confirmed, actions are very slow here, I'm almost thinking that it's the interaction bug again :p

    Anyways this is how I temporary avoid it, this works only for left-click actions and is not 100% bulletproot, in terms that it may misclick, but at least it's instant.

    Code (Javascript):
    2. Npc myNpc = Npcs.getLoaded("Bob").nearest();
    3. Point interPoint = myNpc.getInteractionPoint();
    4. if(Mouse.hop(interPoint)) {
    5. if( {
    6. //Interaction succesful//
    7. } else {
    8. //Impossible to fail//
    9. }
    10. } else {
    11. //Interaction point is broken, which is impossible as well//
    12. }
  3. Anyone using code like this will have their scripts bots rejected from the bot store. Not only is hopping a horrible idea, you're taking a lot of functionality out of the api when all you would have to do is set a new mouse path generator. But seriously, don't do this shit.
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  4. I though this was my new framework accidentally cancelling already running tasks all the time but it wasn't haha.
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  5. This may have been resolved by a recent update
  6. @Furor and @Exile please confirm the status.
  7. Yep, seems to have solved this issue. What does Clouse stand for also? CloudMouse?
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  8. Correct
  9. Is it called like this because you(Cloud) made it, or because the mouse is actually being controlled "from the Cloud"(such as RiD claims to do).
  10. It's called that because of the distributed nature of the movements.
  11. Aka you wanted something with your name :D btw confirmed that its fixed :)
  12. Seems a lot faster now, however it still seems to move the mouse off menu's causing them to close rather frequently.
  13. There's not that much that can be done for that besides highly selective movements which isn't something that I'm exactly looking forward to implementing. It's a problem that has existed in every single client to date.
  14. Yeah, except this update seems to have made it happen a lot more frequently when my woodcutter drops the logs.

    Edit: Just failed 7 times to drop a single log
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