RS3 Cockroaches killer

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by richyyy, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. I was struggling getting a script bot like this.

    This is awesome for money I made 2m over a night and a lot of crimson charms, which i needed for 57 summoning.
    Now I can bot nature runes.

    This is awesome for low levels who can't kill waterfiends or daggo's for crims.
  2. Would you add the following;
    • Suggested setups?
    • Suggested equipment?
    • Suggested place (edgeville?)
    • Suggested actionbar?
  3. i would love it with a banking option(teleport loadstone edge)
    actionbar is not really a must here since they have 130 hp or something(i one htited them with 50 str)
    it should be a really simple script bot were you can choose to alch the rune scims and sq shield or not.

    + a list of the drop table would be awesome to add so we can double click the items we want to pickup(or give the drops like a price limit for example pickup>1k)

    i was 70 cb(50 def 55 str and 55 att) and didnt need any food what so ever. pot support also not recommended since they have really low hp.
  4. Can't you just camp there using a regular fighter script bot?
  5. thats one is a whole fighter script bot wish is unfinished and really buggy(unsafe IMO) the scripter has a lot of work to do with that fighter.

    The fighter I suggested is only one npc with one drop table and one bank. that's why its easyer to script bot i think

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