OSRS Coin is gone. o.o

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by judor, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. So, I have been botting on and off for the last three or so days. I log in about 10 minutes ago to get back to it and what would you know? My character is bare, his inventory and bank are barren and the 150 something thousand coin I had is gone. I checked my G.E. sale history and everything I had that was not rune was sold.

    Did I get hacked? It's kind of odd, I don't know how anyone could have my information.
  2. Sounds like it.

    Have you downloaded anything recently? Maybe you saw a really nifty stat changer or gold generator on youtube and downloaded it?

    RuneMate didn't steal your account, but something did. I'd recommend scanning your computer as you probably have a keylogger/RAT of some sort on it.

    MalwareBytes is a decent, free program you could use.

    edit: also if you have any siblings or anything, check with them. They could've taken your gold or downloaded something that infected your computer.
  3. I have not downloaded anything through youtube anytime lately. I wasn't thinking that RuneMate stole my account information. I have changed the email associated with my rs account and the password. I use malwarebytes premium alongside panda free antivirus. I scanned with both just yesterday morning, so I don't believe that I am dealing with a keylogger. It sure is curious though..
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    I have siblings, but none that play this game. Nor do I allow them on to my computer. lol

    I have added a PIN to my bank alongside of changing the password and email associated to my rs account. Also, I was wondering if it is safe and/or worth it to activate the jagex authenticator seeing as I bot on the account 90% of the time?

    Luckily even though I had no coin or any items to re-build my account someone was nice enough to give me a free pickaxe so I am back to botting. haha
  4. You should ALWAYS use the Authenticator, unless you have a decent reason not to :)
  5. Thank you for the response. I didnt know if the authenticator had some sort of way of tracking whether or not you're botting on your account. Figured I would ask first.

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