OSRS Combat and Skiller progression May 26

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  1. So because I'm really happy with Runemate the last couple months I decided to show everyone how well it works.

    Both accounts were made on April 1st, both with different goals in mind. If I keep this up i'll make my combat one member and get that $$$. Hope this shows a bit what Runemate can do :)

    Bots Used:
    Alpha Fighter
    Exia Miner AIO
    Celestial Fisher
    QveSpinner v2

    A huge thanks to Party, SlashnHax and Aidden for making these awesome bots ^^


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  2. Impressive stats, I'm sure a lot of people will be interested to see how you go!
  3. Nice progress! One thing tho, you should lvl up a couple other stats on the cb acc... 'cause it looks like a classic bot account.
  4. @Insomniac Yeah i figured. I didn't think I'd come this far actually but what would you recommend? Fishing for food?
  5. Fishing for food would be like goldfarming - higher banrate. If I were you, I'd just powerlvl stats fast af.
  6. Updated for another week :) Really happy with the progress
  7. Very nice progress! Where did you train your combat stats?
  8. @Jourikoks .... Guards. Okay so hear me out: Giant Spiders are okay and such and give very good xp/h. But Guards actually earn you some profit so you can sustain yourself without having to only put money in. At these combat stats, using a Rune 2h I only make about 0,5k/h less than with spiders BUT the bot keeps running way longer :)
  9. I do varrok guards plus you get medium clue scrolls really fast
  10. @boy9959 Yeah but i'm f2p and trying to get more money so i can't do that yet :(
  11. nice any updates? what you traning cb on?

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