Resolved Combat Bug - Every Combat script Broken (RS3)

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  1. So Lately Ive decided to Start botting combat on RS3 @ Waterfiends, But to my suprise No bots work, I think the problem is that it cannot find NPCS so the method to Find NPCs in the area is broken or something because when I load up say: MassFighter it gives me an option to scan for NPCS in the area, when I do that Nothing shows up even when im standing next to one. Help?

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    Post #29 by chodepower, Nov 3, 2015
  3. hey pal just so you know there is are 2 bots for killing waterfiends Alpha Waterfiends | Community | RuneMate and SoulWaterfiend | Community | RuneMate if you have soulsplit.You should l2forum at somepoint too.
  4. Ive been trying to use them but they dont fucking work
  5. maybe try harder unless they broke in the last couple of months that's what i used for 99 range.
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  6. Try Harder? Ive been trying to use ANY Fucking combat bot and so far NONE of them work at fucking all
  7. This definitely sounds like a bot problem. There's nothing the average user can do to help you, this will be addressed fastest if you post on the bot thread and then the bot author can resolve it. :)
  8. But every bot doesnt work I dont want to have to comment it on 30 scripts bots
  9. Sorry, I must have misread the OP, I thought it was just one. Are you given any errors?

    Try redownloading the client from the website: Download | RuneMate
  10. I've Redownloaded the client, Cleared the RuneMate folders & Everything. I think its a error in the Actual Method that RuneMate Provides for Bot authors to use. But I wouldnt know exactly Im just a regular person
  11. Combat's working fine for me.
  12. Just started up Alpha Fighter, it grabbed NPC's and fighting them perfectly fine.

    There was a client update earlier, but there was an issue with the auto-updater so everyone was told to re-download the client. Download | RuneMate
  13. i havent closed runemate at all and ive ran many combat bots unless they "broke" around a specific time they should work
  14. Just Redownloaded/installed it ran alpha fighter and still it doesnt work.
  15. Works fine for me also
  16. I'm so confused on why it isnt working for me
  17. like i said try harder
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  18. Likely a broken hook. Please provide your gamepack ID. Shows up before the game canvas finishes loading.
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    I dont know How I can try harder at a problem that is clearly out of my Reach to fix.

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