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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Arbiter, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Here's to the world's worst kept secret. I am glad to finally introduce myself as the alias I am most known for, Arbiter. To those that don't know of my past, I was administrator of Powerbot, founder of ArbiBots (the most popular bot series to date), and co-founder of RSBuddy (the best RuneScape client to date). I am proud to announce my latest project, RuneMate, and couldn't be happier to be able to work with my friends, Cloud and Quantum. My goal with RuneMate is to take all my experience in this scene with the success of my past projects and my ongoing education to bring about the next age of RuneScape botting.

    Welcome everyone and thank you for how great you will make this project.

    Great to be back,
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  2. I'm quite shocked honestly. Who would have thought?
  3. Hey there Arbiter! Let it boom.
  4. I'm so confused.
  5. Well this was a surprise.. Lol

    Nice come out.
  6. Wonderful news of your return the botting world. Arbibots were all fantastic. Looking forward to the success of Runemate and many happy hours of botting to come!
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  7. My exact motivation to be here.
  8. Yeah like everyone else.
  9. So you're the one who was responsible for the mass hack?
  10. Obviously.

  11. That was Gh0$t
  12. Deep sigh. It's shocking to realize that people are still so misinformed despite the massive amount of evidence around the topic. Guess I have too much faith in humanity...
  13. I think that having good faith in humanity is good.
  14. So do I, so I cling desperately onto it despite the reasons not to. Just a personal mindset.
  15. But seriously, if hack my account again, I will end you.
  16. Lel

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