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  1. I've opened a new Git repo for the community. The aim of this to promote the educational atmosphere within RuneMate, give newer Bot Authors a suite of tools to learn and borrow from, and give the more experienced Authors a chance to contribute to a learning community and produce a fantastic resource for the community.

    The only requirement for use of the API is that you give credit to it wherever it is used.

    Contributions to the API are highly recommended, if you see a gap, fill it! If you see something which you reckon could be done better, create a branch and get it improved.

    GitHub - RMParty/rm_open_api: Community driven (unofficial) API for use with RuneMate Spectre

    Not sure how to contribute? Follow this guide: Resource - How to use GitHub
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  2. Not even tagged me? damn man :(
  3. @Arbiter @Cloud
    Will any of this actually get pushed into the official API?
  4. I highly doubt it, hence why tagged "Unofficial". Some of could be I guess, but that'd probably be at @SlashnHax's discretion. Most of the stuff I think's good enough to be in the API I send to Slash anyway.

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