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F2P or P2P?

  1. F2P

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  2. P2P

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  1. Hi guys,

    The Staff team are interested in running a periodic competition with the community, and we'd like to get a gauge of your interest, as well as take into consideration your views on our vision for the competition.

    The idea
    RuneScape accounts will be handed out to users who signed-up to the competition. These accounts will be fresh level 3 accounts. The user with the highest total level at the end of the period will be the winner, and receive a reward.

    The rules
    Free trade - feel free to trade between your main and your competition account. It would be INCREDIBLY hard for us to police otherwise, so we might as well make it an element.
    No questing - any account with more than 0QP at the end of the period will be disqualified.
    F2P/P2P - We aren't sure on this one. P2P only would make the competition considerably more expensive for us and I can't really think of a good way to get around that. On the other hand, it would be difficult for us to know whether or not somebody had purchased membership on the account at the end of the competition.
    Ironman - Thought about making the accounts ironman only, though this would jeopardize the free-trade aspect and possibly put people off.
    Duration - we were thinking 14 days, starting from the time we send people their account information.

    The rewards
    TBD, though you should give us your input.
    These could include: free supporter rank for a period of time, entry into a hall of fame, potential cash prize.

    What are your thoughts? Anything to add, comment on or otherwise? Let us know!
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  2. wow 0qp that will make it almost impossible to just go ham on day 1 or 2
  3. Love it but im out, 60 quest points lmao. I do however love the iron man idea. Make's it a very hard challenge and very worth of doing for competition.
  4. osrs or rs3?
  5. Cabbage and I would make accounts for you to start fresh, so there is literally zero questing involved.
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    This is one of the things we'd like your feedback on. Can do both if there's enough interest.
  6. The ironman dilemma is that, while ironman is fairer, it is also a bit boring and limiting.
  7. i vote osrs f2p :DDD
  8. agreed, but would be very good and would motivate me more due to the strong competition and wanting to see the end prodcut..hmm :3
  9. Well we have to talk about that more in detail
  10. The F2P/P2P dilemma is that with F2p we can allow many people to enter, but with P2P the competition will be a lot better.
  11. What if someone actually legits the account all the way? For example, buying enough mats for 99 fm or cooking and #noxpwaste that shit faster than any bots.
  12. who has time for that lol
  13. Then they get to spend 2 weeks of their life doing absolutely nothing but FM, and get some pixels in return :p
  14. You can check for membership. If someone is member it'll show a member icon on their profile and in the hiscores. Just keep scraping their page and log if the icon is available.

    Also for reward, maybe bot currency so people can run paid scripts bots and a rank. Eg Competition winner season 1
  15. how will people sign up for this?
  16. Wait.. I just got an idea as to how I can maximize my chances of winning ;)

    Thnx my homie party.
  17. Via the forums - we'll put out a thread or a signup sheet and you'll register via that. Then on the comp start day we'll send all participants their account details.

  18. I like the idea. But free trade is a bitch because you can just buy skills.

    Why not let only ironmen enter? It might be boring, but if we're botting anyway, who cares?
  19. Fair point!
  20. Rs3
    - F2p pool
    - F2p ironmen pool
    - P2p pool
    - P2p ironmen pool

    - F2p pool
    - F2p ironmen pool
    - P2p pool
    - P2p ironmen pool

    The more pools the more people you attract to participate. They get to pick their favourite style, people with a lot of money wouldn't automatically win, and the prizes will be decided even more so more people will taste the victory.

    You can out do a bot performance wise, but not time wise. Good luck legitting 24 hours a day.

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